Thursday, 7 December 2017

First Year Games Design Students make games at UCLan

First year students have been using Scirra's Construct 2 game engine
to design artwork for and build their own Top Down Games
with tutor, Bev Bush.
They've designed a variety of sprite creatures and tiled background canvases,sourced or created specific sound effects and music, and created a variety of games that are colourful and fun to play, using visual coding only. Construct 2 is intuitive to work with and once initial tutorials have been followed, students find they can be playful with the visual coding to implement their own events and actions to instigate the game play.
Student work in progress can be seen on the Game Jolt website
at the following links:

Amy Sealey

Daniel Ryan

Dominic Kay

Eva Iglesias

Francis Edwards

George Tomes

Jack England

Jake Tiernan

James Daniels

Jamie Baxter

Morgan Chesworth

Joseph Holcroft

Niall Platt

Jamie Cox

Stacey Satchell

Steven Tomley

Thomas Durrant

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Second year students get creative with 3D tools in Photoshop

The Visual Skills module covers getting to grips with 3D painting a panoramic canvas in Adobe Photoshop.
Examples by Tutor, Josh Taylor

The second year seeks to prepare students for presentation of their portfolio within the games industry. This is realised through a series of established and recognised visual presentation exercises. Students will also be developing their own visual interface ideas and interactive layouts under the guidance of staff and are encouraged to reference and analyse examples of successful games artists and designers. Students must become familiar with the means to showcase their work to industry standards.

During the Visual Skills single module, students are shown and practise research methods and how to gather and identify relevant material in conjunction with their course project work.

Students build upon visualisation skills for the effective presentation of game ideas, assets and visual interface.

This is a single module where graduates will typically undertake a variety of projects, which will explore user interface, layout and composition in order to develop their visual awareness. These briefs cover areas such UI design, use of interactive tools and presentation skills to showcase portfolio work. A portfolio of work will be submitted for assessment to determine whether the learning outcomes have been met effectively at the end of the module. This module will offer students the opportunity to further develop visual skills to showcase their work with aesthetically to industry standards

360 Digital Painting Brief
Through practice students are asked to develop digital painting skills
Students are required to use digital painting techniques within relevant software to learn and apply the process of creating a 360 panoramic image

Learning Outcomes:
To develop visual communication skills to showcase designs on current platforms
To develop digitally painting techniques to produce a panorama design.

On successful completion of the project you will be able to:
Demonstrate a range of presentation and visual skills using appropriate software
Apply suitable presentation techniques for visual concepts.

Submission & Assessment Requirements:
Follow the instructions provided so that the design can be viewed as a 360 degree image when uploaded to Facebook.
Submit design sketches, plus one panoramic image in JPEG format to demonstrate skills required in the process of creating a 360 panoramic digital image.
Here's some examples from our second years submissions.