Thursday, 1 January 2015

More robot games designed by Year 1 Uclan Games design students

A selection of top down shooter games designed by Year 1 students.
3D models created and rendered in Autodesk Maya and game play
implemented in the Construct 2 game engine from @scirra

Sian Knight 
Robot Shooter

Chris Leatham
Robot Shooter

Catherine Clarke-Drago
Robot Shooter

Ibrahim Ahmed
Robot Shooter

Marvin Fenol
Robot Shooter

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Secret Santa day for Uclan Games Design

Uclan Games Design students enjoyed an afternoon of Christmas games this week.
The consoles were out, Rhoda organised a quiz with prizes, the pressies were around the tree and the boxes of chocs were open!
See photos below for details :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Games students visit Blackpool Zoo and Tower

Uclan Games design students recently visited Blackpool Zoo to observe and draw the animals there. We then went on to the magnificent Ballroom at Blackpool tower to watch a performance and rounded of the day with a bracing walk along the promenade and piers to experience the illuminations.
Special thanks must go to our driver of the double decker bus that we travelled in and also to Tutor, Rhoda Daly for organising the event.
It was a really memorable and inspiring day and we discovered a lot from observing the animals and noting their structure and the way their limbs move.
One of our Games Design graduates also joined us - Dave Towers. Dave completed work in mobile phone app development, and specialised in in pixel art and paper craft for his recent Masters in Games Design.  

As ever we had a brief to consider while we were at the Zoo, in summary
During the visit students  undertook a series of drawings of 2 selected
creatures in-situ. They used their drawing studies later to design a
unique creature which is a morph of their chosen creatures.
They could choose to emphasise or focus on aspects of one of the creatures but elements of both 
had to be visible in their final design. Rhoda led this brief and asked students to
consider the type of game world this creature will exist in? What is its role? 
Purpose? Friend or foe? What genre of game? Who is the audience?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

More Top-down shooter games- designed and created by year 1 Uclan students.

All artwork and visual programming for these mini games was created by Year 1 students
BA(Hons) Games Design at Uclan.
We enjoy the versatility of this game engine and use it as part of our curriculum.

Rob Thorne's Space Robots

Andrie Crisan's Drone Wars. Wonderfully rich visuals!

James Lodge created this space robot shooter game using Construct2 software by Scirra.
As game-play builds up, music adds to the excitement.

 Nontas Sfakianakis has created a beautifully themed and rendered game
based around automaton bees and honey
Awaiting upload

Jacob Da Silva has also created a Bug Blaster. 
Great bold graphic style.
Play now!

Jack Dowdell's digital painting adds a hand drawn art style effectively in his game

Sian Knight's 'Attack of the Butterfly' Beautifully presented

fast paced game.

More Top-down shooters!

UCLan Year 1 games design student, Andrei Crisan created this
charmingly executed  Bug Blaster Game
as part of a current year 1 project with his own sprite designs
and visual coding using Construct 2 software.
Check it now!

 Andrei Crisan Bug Blaster

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top Down Shooter BUGS!

Year 1 have created a series of Topdown Shooter Bug games using Construct 2 software.
Check some of them out below. Click the image to play the game

Yasmine Brough's Insect Game.

Rob Thorne's Insect Game.

Megan Thackaberry's Insect Game