Sunday, 19 April 2015

First week of Uclan Games Jam 2015

What a week!
The first week of Uclan Games Jam 2015 was a busy time with grouping, collaboration with Music Production students, idea development and brain storming, a bundle of great talks from industry speakers and a great deal of group activity and discussion.
As a warm up to the game jam our first industry speakers were brought in just before the Easter break to get students thinking about ideas for their games levels.
Josh Wright and Jonny Picton of PixelBomb Games share their experience of working in the games industry with Uclan Games Design students during the Uclan Game Jam 2015.
Pixel Bomb Games is an Indie Studio based in Manchester UK, developing Electronic Arts Entertainment. They are currently developing  'Beyond Flesh & Blood' where search and rescue becomes destroy and survive. A Mech 3PS set in Manchester in the 23rd century. PC/Linux/XBOX/PS4 Q4 2015. @BeyondFBgame.
Level Design was the main focus of the day and we valued Josh and Jonny taking time to share their work experience with undergraduates. They talked about how their games courses at Uclan (Josh) and Futureworks (Jonny) helped them to develop the skills they need to design levels for games in the industry and the tasks that they now undertake.

And for the presentation video click below for link.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Game Jam Uclan 2015

The Game Jam kicks off today with 101 participants... 90 Games Design first and second year students and 11 Music Production students group together to make games!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Uclan Lecturer, Pete Bottomley to talk at GDC 2015
We're very excited to announce that Uclan Games Design Alumni and Associate Lecturer, Pete Bottomley, will be doing a panel at GDC in San Francisco with Unreal Engine about shipping games with UE4!

It should be streamed on Twitch too so be sure to set your clocks for 2PM PST (10PM to us GMT people) on Wednesday 4th March!

See detailed news on the 'White Paper Games ' website:
The link for the talks has been published here:

Think it will be streamed live at 10pm Wednesday and also uploaded to YouTube so we should be able to watch it!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Graduate success

Only last summer these 3 guys graduated from  
Games Design Course Uclan...and now all working in the Games industry, not bad eh? 
Well done to  
Scott Wells Foster, 3D Generalist at Pixelbomb Games,
Josh Wright, Level Designer at Pixel Bomb Games
and Leigh Philip Hadfield, Junior level construction artist at TT Games Ltd.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Platform Games @UclanCF

A selection of Platform Games:
designed and created in the Construct 2 game engine from @scirra
by Year 1 Games Design students at Uclan.
Click on the links or images below to play the games

Siân Knight White Mouse Platform Game

Mayhem in toonworld with Andrei Crisan
Platform Banana Chase

Beat the Big Boss in Jake Taylor's Knight Fight Platformer

Jacob Da Silva Gangster Run Platformer

Catherine Clarke-Drago Deer Platformer

Conn Hughes Medieval Platform run

Nic Jones Bunny Hop

Chloe Stott Woodland Chase

Matt McClymont Mad Scientist Platform Game.

Umaya Younis Russian Platformer

Marvin Fenol Vampire Platformer

Curtis Pitman's Platform Game

Adam Mattis Pixel Platformer

Ethan Walker 'Elemental Platform Challenge'

Ant Winbow 'Fun Guy'

Ron Burgess 'Samurai Platform Game'

And that's not all folks ! There's more to follow......

Thursday, 1 January 2015

More robot games designed by Year 1 Uclan Games design students

A selection of top down shooter games designed by Year 1 students.
3D models created and rendered in Autodesk Maya and game play
implemented in the Construct 2 game engine from @scirra


Sian Knight 
Robot Shooter

Chris Leatham
Robot Shooter

Catherine Clarke-Drago
Robot Shooter

Ibrahim Ahmed
Robot Shooter

Marvin Fenol
Robot Shooter

Rob Thorne's Space Robots

Andrie Crisan's Drone Wars. Wonderfully rich visuals!

James Lodge created this space robot shooter game using Construct2 software by Scirra.
As game-play builds up, music adds to the excitement.

Daniel Thorneborrow's Robot world

James Smith Robot Game

Matt McClymont Robots

Megan Thackerberry Robot war

Ryan Balfe's Robots