Thursday, 20 November 2014

Games students visit Blackpool Zoo and Tower

Uclan Games design students recently visited Blackpool Zoo to observe and draw the animals there. We then went on to the magnificent Ballroom at Blackpool tower to watch a performance and rounded of the day with a bracing walk along the promenade and piers to experience the illuminations.
Special thanks must go to our driver of the double decker bus that we travelled in and also to Tutor, Rhoda Daly for organising the event.
It was a really memorable and inspiring day and we discovered a lot from observing the animals and noting their structure and the way their limbs move.
One of our Games Design graduates also joined us - Dave Towers. Dave completed work in mobile phone app development, and specialised in in pixel art and paper craft for his recent Masters in Games Design.  

As ever we had a brief to consider while we were at the Zoo, in summary
During the visit students  undertook a series of drawings of 2 selected
creatures in-situ. They used their drawing studies later to design a
unique creature which is a morph of their chosen creatures.
They could choose to emphasise or focus on aspects of one of the creatures but elements of both 
had to be visible in their final design. Rhoda led this brief and asked students to
consider the type of game world this creature will exist in? What is its role? 
Purpose? Friend or foe? What genre of game? Who is the audience?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

More Top-down shooter games- designed and created by year 1 Uclan students.

All artwork and visual programming for these mini games was created by Year 1 students
BA(Hons) Games Design at Uclan.
We enjoy the versatility of this game engine and use it as part of our curriculum.

Rob Thorne's Space Robots

Andrie Crisan's Drone Wars. Wonderfully rich visuals!

James Lodge created this space robot shooter game using Construct2 software by Scirra.
As game-play builds up, music adds to the excitement.

 Nontas Sfakianakis has created a beautifully themed and rendered game
based around automaton bees and honey
Awaiting upload

Jacob Da Silva has also created a Bug Blaster. 
Great bold graphic style.
Play now!

Jack Dowdell's digital painting adds a hand drawn art style effectively in his game

Sian Knight's 'Attack of the Butterfly' Beautifully presented

fast paced game.

More Top-down shooters!

UCLan Year 1 games design student, Andrei Crisan created this
charmingly executed  Bug Blaster Game
as part of a current year 1 project with his own sprite designs
and visual coding using Construct 2 software.
Check it now!

 Andrei Crisan Bug Blaster

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top Down Shooter BUGS!

Year 1 have created a series of Topdown Shooter Bug games using Construct 2 software.
Check some of them out below. Click the image to play the game

Yasmine Brough's Insect Game.

Rob Thorne's Insect Game.

Megan Thackaberry's Insect Game

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences visit to Uclan

This month we were very pleased to welcome lecturers and students from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 6th - 9th October. Thanks to Uclan Games Design Lecturer, Rhoda Daly for introducing this opportunity to us.
Senior Lecturers, Jens Müller, Thomas Rist, and Mike Loos, brought a group of their design students to the UK to experience a few days together at UCLan, explore the campus and surrounding area, meet with students on our Games Design course and to share potentially collaborative ideas.

Jens and Thomas presented a fascinating showcase of student work and we were able to hear the details of development directly from our student visitors. It was very interesting to learn about the study that is done in Augsburg.
The Augsburg students are a homogeneous team. Slawa joined as a very respected and skilled student from the same study program and Corinna is from communication design with an interest in games. They worked together for two semesters on two different 'Unity' adventure games with different team roles. For all of our students it was be very interesting to see other working environments, other approaches and methods and to get in touch with each other.
Click HERE to see samples of work from Augsburg Game Development.
The students shared lessons and lectures during the visit but also there was a lively social schedule where the students made friends and had some fun together, out and about in Preston city centre.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Games student chosen for Noise Festival

Uclan Games Design graduate, Shane Noblet – has been selected for inclusion in the NOISE Festival 2014  by Ian Livingstone, Games & New Media Curator from over 5,000 entries. 

Shane received a glowing endorsement on his NOISE portfolio and is included in various NOISE Festival 2014 showcase events, designed to offer extra exposure for his talents. 
“The Best New Creatives” – an outdoor exhibition in the heart of London’s Southbank, in two locations.
“The Best New Artists” – a fine art & photography, AV exhibition.
NOISE 2014 at The Tetley – an exhibition of North West / Yorkshire NOISE artists curated by the Tetley. 
Shane ALSO attended the launch of the NOISE Festival 2014 at the  
House of Commons 
on Tuesday 9th September, where he was presented with his Curator Choice certificate.

Shane's artwork was at Sumner street, Better Bankside in London until October 5th before moving to 'More London Estate' from the 7th October till the 7th November.

There was also an event at the Victoria and Albert museum on the 16th September where Jo Twist from UKIE spoke about the curator choices from graphics and new media/games and they held seminars about each curator choice from the architecture, interior design, product design, future graphics and advertising and new media/games categories.

"Every game starts with a brush stroke, like Shane Noblet's "Power Within"  
- This was a tweet from NOISE during the event. 
Shane enjoyed some interesting talks at BBH, particularly from Framestore, who do the visual effects for Game of Thrones, about virtual reality and Ian Livingstone's keynote. Shane was introduced to Ian briefly after he had finished his keynote and was able to give his portfolio website details.
Being picked for the Noise festival has given Shane more confidence in his work because someone with huge experience of the gaming industry believed it was good enough to be one of his choices.


Power Within Curator Choice - why Ian Livingstone selected it

"An original and powerful artistic style with colour, shading and geometry drawing you into the picture. The character figure, though young-looking, appears powerful with his aura of magic fire. There is a tremendous sense of wonder and mystery about the picture which is essential when creating gaming environments to encourage players to continue their adventure, even if it is to their ultimate doom. Can't wait to play the game!" - Ian Livingstone's comment

Noise Launch info

Outdoor exhibition

V&A seminar info

Very well done to Shane from all of us at UCLan Games Design.