Friday, 29 September 2017

More Uclan Games Graduates from class of 2017 now have jobs!

Uclan Games Design are delighted to hear that BOTH Mitchell Peak and Pupper Nieto have landed themselves brand new jobs in the QA team at TT-Games!

Awesome news guys! Well done

Monday, 25 September 2017

Uclan Games Design Alumni are amongst the best at EGX 2017

Epic Unreal Engine tweeted news of the fantastic games on view at EGX 2017 on Friday 22nd Sept. We're very proud of our Games Design Alumni as two of their games were selected at EGX as 'Best of Rezzed'

White Paper Games, made up of a team of Uclan Alumni did
BRILLIANTLY as their game,
'The Occupation' was selected amongst the 'Best at Rezzed' at the European Games Expo 2017
at Birmingham NEC.

Also chosen as one of the Best at Rezzed at the European Games Expo was Milky Tea's new game, 'HyperBrawl Tournament' which was shown at Rezzed by Uclan Games Graduate, Scott Swarbrick who now works with them as a games designer.

Also great to see our Alumni Sarah Akers there with Blood Zombies by Paw Print Games

And not to forget our super Alumni, Saija Sipilä, of Rebellion Games, who gave a talk at EGX about production of Sniper 4 Elite! with Thomas Waterhouse- Biggins and Yuri Deary at NEC Birmingham.

Friday, 19 May 2017


UCLAN team assemble at TT_Games Ltd.

It's great to know that since Bev Bush came to Uclan from Traveller's Tales Ltd. 11 years ago, (having just worked on the first Lego games, Lego Stars 1 and 2) over 40 of our Games Design students have been employed on a variety of contracts by both Travellers Tales Ltd. in Knutsford and their sister company TT-Fusion in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
In fact, 14 Uclan Games Design Alumni are credited on 
'Lego Starwars Force Awakens' which was launched in July 2016.

Congratulations to our Uclan Games Design Alumni, Steven Thornton and Edward Marsland for their part as Level Directors in the making of'Starwars the Force Awakens' Lego game.
Richard Greer as Assistant Game Director
David Woodman as Lead Artist, 
Chris Wyatt - also a Level director
Alexandra Jaeschke as Environment Artist, 
Chris Flanders as Senior Game Scripter,  
Robert Duckworth, Daniel Maddox and Jamie Power as Junior Level Construction Designers and Phil Sloan as UI Artist.
Congratulations also go to our Uclan Games Design Alumni,  
Vytautas Januškevičius, Will Hunter and Theo Clarke for their credits for  
Quality Control on the game.

Lead Games Designer, Arthur Parsons supports and visits Uclan's Games Design course on an annual basis to give valuable presentations and workshops. So much so that he was made an 'Honourary Fellow of Uclan' in 2015.
Many others of of his colleagues have also shown great support and interest in our students and have regularly attended the Degree shows , including Head Artists Leon Warren and Nicola Daly and many other talented Games Design specialists from the company. Lead Animator Jeremy Pardon even spent a semester teaching on the course a few years ago which was a great bonus to the students.

We are very appreciative of the attention and support we've received from Travellers Tales over the years and we've now reached a point where are own alumni have gained good positions in the company and often come back to visit and share their experience so that current students can be inspired and encouraged from hearing of their success.

Those alumni who have been employed by TT-games include those mentioned above as well as Stephen SharplesKatie Clague,  Georgina  Cronshaw, Stewart Allardes, Paul Bannon, David Howell, Leigh Hadfield, Dec Troughton, Ben Parr, Christian Fell and many more.

Also see:

MCV talk to the finalists ahead of this year’s Women in Games Awards.

See article in MCV
including Uclan's Games Design student, Siân Knight
who is a finalist for the BREAKTHROUGH TALENT Award.
MCV, Develop and eSports Pro are about to unveil the winners of the
third Women in Games Awards this afternoon
supported by Facebook, Twitch, Aardvark Swift.

Congratulations to Sian for achieving a place as a finalist at
the award ceremony in London.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

PawPrint games have just announced their latest game!

Congrats to our Alumni William Butterworth and Sarah Akers for their work on Blood Zombies!

Bloody Zombies is a co-op brawler designed to be played with any combination of TV and VR players. Fight across the ruins of London using carefully refined Free-Form Combat, taking down a terrifying variety of undead with an expanding special move-set. Created for 1-4 players, Bloody Zombies is also enhanced with VR - using its unique viewpoint to help the team overcome obstacles & discover secrets in the game.

Coming 2017 on P­­C, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and also supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Uclan Games Grad Steph McStea is now...

Steph McStea of @TeaAndMonsters is busy with new ventures.

Not only has Steph recently been named as European student Ambassador for Women in Games 

But she's also just founded -
a place for game students to network, collaborate and grow together.

Last week saw the completion of Steph's Internship at Digital First, part of UCLan's Innovation Lab where she had a great work experience following her MA in Games Design.

Steph said, "It's the last day of my internship at the i-Lab today ): I've learned and grown a tonne since I've been there, so I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity. <3 The i-Lab team are a lovely bunch and I'll definitely miss them a lot. Nervous but excited to see where my journey takes me from here!

Digital first said, "Today we say a sad and very fond farewell to our lovely design intern Stephanie. Steph is a talented artist and games designer. She recently produced some fantastic artwork for UCLan's Innovation Lab office where she has been based, so we will always have a little piece of her with us. We wish Steph all the very best with her future career."

There's no question that Steph is totally dedicated to games design and she has made so many great contacts in the industry. 

Women in Games have also been super encouraging to Steph . In Sept 2016 Steph was among the women selected in a jam packed ceremony featuring 30 minutes of awards and presentations to honour and recognise some special people and the winners of their Student Competition.
Winners of the Student Competition were awarded by Debbie Bestwick MBE along with Helen Kennedy, Head of the School of Media, at the University of Brighton:

Read Steph's post about the event here.

And if you'd like to contact Steph or see more of her work you can access her website here.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Uclan Games Design Student, Siân Knight, Finalist in 'Break Through Talent' Award.

Congratulations to UCLan's 3rd year Games Design Student, Siân Knight for being
selected as a Finalist in the Women in Games Breakthrough Talent awards.…/women-in-games-awards-2017-f…/0180996…/women-in-games-awards-2017-f…/0180996

The finalists of this year’s Women in Games Awards have been announced.

Taking place on Friday May 19th at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, the Women in Games Awards 2017 will see MCV, Develop and eSports Pro celebrate the plethora of female talent in the games industry across eight individual awards.

The event is sponsored by Twitch, Aardvark Swift, Rovio, Insert Coin and Ukie.

This year's categories include New Development Talent, Creative Impact, Rising Star, Businesswoman of the Year, Career Mentor, eSports Contender, Outstanding Contribution and Breakthrough Talent.

For more info on the ceremony, sponsorship opportunities and tickets enquiries, please check the event's website. And the finalists are...


Anya Elvidge – Trainee Campaign Map Artist, Creative Assembly
Jess Hider – European Community Manager for Unreal Engine, Epic Games
Naomi Kotler – Games Designer, Supermassive Games
Rosa Carbo-Mascarell – Games Lead, Creative Industries Federation
Alessia Nigretti – Professional Services, University of Sussex
Maria Fernanda Díez Huerta – Games Designer and Producer, Freelance
Sian Knight – Games Design Student, UCLan

To see some examples of Sian's work, you can follow these links:
Sketchfab models here, go take a peek! --
and more work can be seen in The Rookies Competition here.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Athletic achievements by Uclan Games Design student, Adam Mattis.

Our warmest congratulations must go to BA Hons Game Design student, Adam Mattis who has been training in the martial art of Taekwondo for over 10 years and is now seeing awesome results of his efforts. (A dedicated 4-5 days a week. With most sessions nearing 2 hours.) In 2009 Adam had his first competitive match and won. Since first falling in love with the competitive aspects of Taekwondo, he has come a long way since then.

In the past 2 years whilst at university he has travelled all around the UK as well as fighting abroad in International Level Opens. Fighting in many different tournaments. Including his very first international title in Barcelona, Spain becoming a Champion there in 2015.

He has many gold medals from all over the UK from the numerous Scottish Opens to the London Open 2013 and even in his home city Manchester, he took the gold twice at the Manchester Open 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Achievements mean a lot to Adam and he feels that it is something that has taught him so much respect and discipline over the years.

Quote - "Through my training I keep myself fit and healthy. My overall physical strength and positive mental attitude have increased vastly since starting so long ago. It gives me a drive and a focus that assists me in getting important tasks done. I believe my coach’s rigorous training regime has instilled in me the determination to achieve whatever I set my mind to, not only in TKD."

He received a Trafford Sports Council Lifetime Award in September 2013 for his efforts as a young Taekwondo athlete. This was a true milestone for him and he was extremely happy and proud to have his name on an awards list with so many other great sportsmen and women from the borough of Trafford, even Olympians.

He brought this focus along with him to UCLAN and looks forward to competing at the European Universities Championships, an international student event that brings together student athletes from all over Europe. Representing UCLAN and being a good ambassador for the university is something that Adam strives for and hopes to continue to be even after his graduation this year.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sarah Akers and Will Butterworth visit Uclan Games Design

It was great to have a visit this week from our Alumni, Sarah Akers and Will Butterworth who have been working since they graduated last year at Paw Print Games Studios in Chester.

Paw Print Games are an independent studio located in the North West of England developing unique games for iOS, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook, BB10, Windows Phone 8.

Sarah and Will are both 3D Prop | Environment Artists and have learned a lot about working with Unity and VR since joining Paw Print studios last year.
They are about to launch a brand new game so we'll be keeping our eyes out for news about that.

Sarah and Will discussed their time at Uclan on the games design course and gave helpful advice to students about how to make the best of their study time and also encouraged students to join games jams and connect with others who are involved in Games design.

They also checked out the VR games that are currently being made by our students as part of UCLan's Games Jam 2017.