Tuesday, 11 August 2015

European Women in Games Conference workshop

Women in Games Design conference 2015.
Uclan Senior Lecturer in Games design, Rhoda Daly will be discussing how to attract more girls onto University Games Courses on the panel Workshop Option 3 at WIG this September:

Rhoda Daly

As part of this year's European Women in Games Conference, they are hosting a workshop dedicated to attracting more women to university games and technology courses. Women are in a big minority of all games courses at UK universities. Some courses have just a handful. However, a small number of courses have as many as 30 or 40% female students. What advice would you give universities wanting to achieve more? How did these course leaders together with their university manage this? How easy is it to attract many more talented girls from schools with just a few changes to the offering of existing courses? Discuss and find out out more in this workshop from graduates who have experienced these courses and course leaders who have worked hard to make these changes. This specific workshop takes places at 15.30 and you are invited to attend for free.

There are 9 other workshops that take place on the day along with keynotes, panels, a free lunch, the European Women in Games Hall of Fame awards and post conference networking drinks.
Workshops are an innovation at this years conference. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon the conference splits with 5 options available to delegates. In each session we expect between 10 and 40 delegates to get up close and personal with some of the acknowledged leaders of the industry to learn more about and debate a specialist subject. A cross between a Round Table and a Master Class, Workshop Chairs will lead the discussion on the topic for 45 minutes. Delegates can move freely between workshops.

The conference takes place on Sept 2nd at the Cavendish Campus of the University of Westminster in Central London. You can see full details of the programme and speakers at http://www.ewigconf.com/

The format of this year's conference means they are able to invite a limited number of course leaders, lecturers and students at university for free using a promotional code for when you order. These are full tickets with full access to the programme. The only restrictions are the numbers of tickets per educational establishment. This conference is targeted at women but they feel it is also equally relevant to men.
They also have an expo area where you can take a stand to promote your university course or special innovation to the 40+ speakers and 200 delegates we are expecting from the games industry.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Dan Bavin wins Creative Focus Award for Design 2015

Games Design Graduate,Dan Bavin won the coveted Creative Focus Award for Design 2015 at this year's Creative Festival at Uclan #DS15

Nine students were rewarded through the Creative Focus Awards event sponsored by Creative Lancashire.  
The awards are held each year at the beginning of the UCLan Degree Shows to recognise the most outstanding work from each discipline of architecture, design, fashion, fine art, media and performance.  
Each winner will be given the opportunity for one to one time with a relevant creative industries professional courtesy of Creative Lancashire.

Well done to all and especially to our recent graduate from Games Design, Dan Bavin.
See Dan's work here.

Also click image below for more details about the Creative Focus awards

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Games Design Degree Show Banners #DS15

Our Games design course was established 10 years ago in response to a growing demand from the games industry for higher education to provide degree courses to equip graduates with the right skills to go into the games industry. 
For application to the course, we like to see examples of creative and exploratory pieces showing visualization of ideas including drawing, sketch books and any games designs or level designs that you may have planned out and which show your passion and interest in BA (Hons) Games Design at the University of Central Lancashire. 
Games design, level design, digital painting, concept artwork and 3d modelling are all areas you will learn about on the course.

Below are the Uclan Games Design graduate Banners for 2015.
Click on the banner to access each student portfolio.
























www. cwhiteside2.wix.com/environmentarting


Our games course Blog is used to promote our course events, record our student achievements and contribute to the energy and dynamic of the course .

Our website:
will provide you with information on our course content, structure and the teaching practices involved. Within the website you will find galleries showcasing our students work and this should help in giving you an insight into the opportunities available to you in the field of Games Design. The student work found on these web pages will give prospective students a good idea of the sort of work produced on the course. We use Adobe Creative Suite with most use of Photoshop combined with Wacom Graphics tablets for digital artwork, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox and ZBrush for 3d work and Epic's UE4 Engine and Scirra's Construct 2 game engine for level design. We also use Google Sketch up for blocking out levels.We also have a selection of Cintiqs for digital painting, some 27"

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Alumni visit to Games Design Degree Show #DS15

Great to see our luverly Alumni on Saturday at the Games Design Degree Show and Uclan Open Day #DS15
with Josh Wright, Scott Wells-Foster, Leigh Hadfield, Hannah Spikings and Hannah Tivey at
University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Only last year they graduated and are now working at
Pixel Bomb Games,
TT Games,
Playdemic and

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Epic Games Visit Uclan Games Design

Only the Epic European Territory Manager, Mike Gamble, the CTO, Kim Libreri & the General Manager, Ray Davis of EPIC GAMES in our games design studio at UclanCF.
Such an awesome day for our students.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Uclan Groups present GAME JAM concepts

The first annual UCLan Game Jam is upon us! Students have 4 weeks to create any game of their choice. 1st year and 2nd year Game Design students work together on this project.
Students are free to pick their game platform of choice – whether it be a 3D engine such as Unreal Engine 4, Construct 2 or a paper game – it is up to them to decide what your strongest platform will be to present a game idea.
A committee of Industry professionals have agreed to judge the games and give out prizes to be won at the Finale where each group must submit a complete, playable game. The game will be judged on playability, accessibility, design, visuals and team collaboration.

Group 1 GAME JAM concept introduced by Sarah Akers and Alex Haddow-Mendes 2015 

Group 2 GAME JAM concept introduced by Catherine Clarke Drago and Mikey Stones


Group 3 GAME JAM concept introduced by Scott Swarbrick and Shannon Patterson


Group 4 GAME JAM concept introduced by Jack Tidy and Rob Thorne


Group 5 GAME JAM concept introduced by Gareth Hart and Chris Leatham


Group 6 GAME JAM concept introduced by Rashel Miah and Sean Boardman


Group 7 GAME JAM concept introduced by Adam Mattis and Robin Williams


Group 8 GAME JAM concept introduced by Josh Healey and Anthony Winbrow


UCLan games design groups present Lego game ideas.

UCLan first year games design groups present their Lego game ideas to 
Arthur Parsons, Game Director at TT-Games - UCLAN GAMES 2015

Arthur Parsons has been working with TT Games since 1997. Back then, they were called Traveller’s Tales Ltd. and were working on games for Disney, like A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo. 
Arthur started work with Travellers Tales as a QA tester and through his passion for games, ability to promote and present ideas and his great work as a team player, Arthur is now a Game Director often managing teams up to 150 people strong. 
Arthur is great advocate of games for young people and is particularly renowned for his leadership in games design on family friendly game titles including a host of Lego games such as Lego Harry Potter and Lego Marvel Heroes. Arthur is extremely generous with his time and shares his enthusiasm for the world of family orientated gaming.  

Arthur is well respected for his work in games and is interviewed and appears in the press globally, particularly talking about his work on Lego games. He travels the world speaking at highly prestigious entertainment and gaming events and is also a blogger on a variety of gaming topics, including,

For the brief students were challenged to create game concepts, level game mechanics and character orientated game mechanics for the topic of Fairy Tales or Myths and Legends.
The students worked in groups and presented their ideas to Arthur and their peers for feedback.

Click below to see a movie of presentation samples